Covid vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine is available. Please contact reception for an appointment.


1. Please ring the doorbell when you arrive for your appointment.

2. Please be patient as staff may be on a phone call.

3. Waiting room space is limited and you may be asked to wait in your vehicle.

4. Mask wearing is encouraged, where possible.

5. Please sanitise your hands in the surgery.

6. Please observe physical distancing of 6 feet, where possible

7.    If you are unwell or need to speak to a Doctor, please phone us. Unfortunately, heart attacks, strokes, infections and injuries will continue to happen during this time. We want to hear from you if you feel something is not right.

8.   A doctor will phone you back and arrange treatment over the phone or book an appointment if necessary. Anyone who medically needs to be seen, will be seen.

9.    Please give 48 hours notice when ordering medication. Prescriptions and medication can be ordered by phoning (051) 648007.

10.  Up to date reliable information on Covid can be found from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre at this link:


Cocooning is a measure to protect those who are over 70 years of age or those who are extremely medically vulnerable by minimising all face-to-face interactions. It is for your personal protection.

þ Do stay at home unless attending medical appointments. Do not have visitors to your home.

þ If you have a garden, spend time outside for fresh air.

þ Keep yourself mobile by getting up and moving throughout the day.

þ Keep in touch with family and friends over the phone or online.

þ Ask family or friends to get any shopping or medicine you need – do not go out shopping.

The following are confidential volunteer services who are providing assistance and collecting shopping/medication etc.

Kilkenny COVID19 Community Helpline: 180050000

Kilmoganny: 0872872573, 0872470458, 0851698534

Kells: 0872831590, 0876715364, 0831115162

Dunnamaggin: 0879667739, 0876350095, 0872755091

Windgap: 0872969573

Useful Phone numbers:

Ambulance/ Emergency: 112, 999

Callan Garda Station: (056)7725232

Kilkenny Garda Station: (056)7775000

Thomastown Garda Station: (056)7754150

Kilmoganny Health Centre: (051)648007


Dr Brian O'Dea

Dr Janine Langton

Kilmoganny Health Centre



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